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Re: Getting the light/weather right

Highergr0und wrote:

In looking at lots of landscape pics, it seems getting the changing variables correct are the key to amazing images - just wondering what resources out there help determine when and where to shoot. What resources, etc are best for figuring out when you'll be getting things like dazzling sunrise/sunsets, the right light, the right amount of fog in an area, etc - basically the things that change day to day that result in a photo from going from boring to amazing.

Experience and research. There are no apps to tell you about when something spectacular is going to happen. Knowing that in this month in this part of the world in a certain month this place tends to get foggy or misty when the weather changes from warm to cold in a day is the type of knowledge that is valuable. Knowing that after a storm this place will tend to have a brilliant sunrise the next morning is valuable.

Most of the time all you can do is try to stack your advantages as best you can by being at the place during the right time of day and see what happens, if you have the luxury going back for multiple days in a row helps your chances.

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