Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

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Re: Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

Luxury ecomm, as in the whole gamut. All the stuff you’ve mentioned.

Sorry to hear about the color experience. Often within these bigger companies there’s a lot of subdivisions where the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

Its not that they won’t touch LEDs, it’s that - aside from Astra panels - LEDs aren’t in broad use yet in NYC. Production people go with what they know and what’s widely available and supported in house or at rental studios. This can often mean they’re not dealing with latest greatest gear, but gear that’s simple and reliable.

Thurnau wrote:

jlafferty wrote:

Most decent lights are good enough for ecomm. Luxury ecomm is another story - I’ve worked on jobs for David Yurman, Neiman Marcus and Saks and they run the gamut from strobe to HMI.
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Ortery’s lights look like rebadged Godox SL150s.

Luxury ecom, like catalog item images for the website stores? Not magazine ads, editorial, and home page?

Ortery has a "strobe mode" so I can still use their software with my own strobes, but I a lot of the benefit is to see the lighting as a whole on the monitor, and allow the director to see it in real time. The photographer we've hired is going to tether his camera to a monitor for the same reason.

True story, I bought a pair of shoes that were available from Saks and Neimans, and the two pictures color control and quality were so bad I wasn't sure they were the same shoe. I wasn't sure what they use. So Niemans and Saks won't touch LED huh?

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