Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

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Re: Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

I'm more or less looking for automation of everything, without compromise in image quality.

The thing is it’s not about lighting or even to a degree post production. It’s about art direction and a ton of subjective decisions, intentions and skills which these automated systems never address. If you don’t care about or need these things then the automated systems are fine. But, for example, there’s a system now where they license a model’s face and scan it in, and overlay it on a virtual mannequin - then they photograph clothes on a mannequin, and drop the model’s face and clothes on each shot. But for a lot of us, the whole point of casting a model is their expressiveness, gesture, ability to move, and the possibilities those things bring to production. Brands that have an identifiable look and feel associated with their product hire photographers who make a cascade of interesting decisions about the light, their focal length, etc. that can’t be simply entered into a computer.
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