Selling images of high quality but low quantity?

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Re: Selling images of high quality but low quantity?

noz03 wrote:

For me, I have quite high quality and sellable images, but not in the quantities needed for most stock websites. Anyone have any suggestions how I could sell these? Or be hired to take such images at specific locations?

The 1960-70s when people made money from shooting stock on the side while they were on international assignments is long gone, as well as most of those international assignments. The 1980s when photographers footed their own travel and shot stock on speculation is gone too.

If you want to get paid for travel photography, you have to create your own job. Get a channel on social media, be a travel blogger,

The deepest pockets in travel would be corporations that need images of installations or resorts needing images for advertising. But today, why would they hire someone in NYC for example and fly them to Paris when they can hire local talent?

For all but a few the easiest way to make a small fortune in travel scenics is to start with a large fortune.

High-quality scenics can still be sold direct to the consumer - frameable wall art via shows, online through one of the print on demand sites...everybody seems to say it is a grind and you won't make much waiting for people to find your work by searching google, you will need to drive your own traffic to your stuff.

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