Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: As an ex M43 user

NCV wrote:

I recently sold all my M43 gear that was getting a bit long in the tooth. I had five or six years good service out of my EM5, which was quite revolutionary when it appeared. I sold all my stuff before Olympus announced their exit from the camera industry.

I tried a demo Z7 at my local dealers and was smitten with this camera. The viewfinder is on an almost optical level and I can work seamlessly with my D810. I found the electronic viewfinder in my EM5 unpleasent and useless even, when I used M43 in tandem with the OVF in my D810.

I hike a lot and I like photographic our historic cities here in Italy. I wanted a one lens solution for my hikes and I compared the possibility of getting a EM1iii + 12-100 and running a M43 kit along side my DSL outfit. But I found the Z7 + 24-200 weighs the same, so I bought a Z 7 with two or three lenses including the brilliant 24-200.

For hiking the Z7 + 24-200 is brilliant. I keep the 14-30 in my rucksack as it does not weigh too much

Still, the Z7+24-200mm is not exactly tiny is it? And a bit slow very quickly from what I read (f/6.1 @ 50mm ?)

I also go hiking a fair bit and i'm sick of the crappy iPhone pics I am accumulating that would be wonderful if from a real camera, but strangely I seem to be allergic to carrying my D7200+ (18-140 or 11-20) lens along (and hate it hanging down on a strap, extending itself and getting bounced around etc)..

So, I've also been pondering a hiking camera solution, which seems to me to be an X-T30 with a small prime (Fuji seems to have a few affordable and decent wide angle ones) clipped onto my rucksack strap with a Peak Design Capture clip..

Anyway, so I'm wondering how you lug the Z7 around?

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