Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Don't care!

wb2trf wrote:

People here may get mad, but I wouldn't switch to Nikon now. The company is seriously on the ropes.

The switch you are talking about is a big switch, hoping for a least some years of stability.

The competing cameras are just as good, and picking Nikon now makes no sense. Look at the stock ticker before you decide.

I've read about Nikon's financial liabilities.  In addition to the tough camera market, their semiconductor business is also in trouble .  That's a factor to consider, but I decided it doesn't matter.  After considering the options, Nikon makes the camera and lenses I want now.  Nikon is what I'm buying.

I have some envy for the wide variety of E mount lenses.  But I don't like Sony cameras.  They seem like half done engineering prototypes.  Where are the touch screens, in camera raw developing, multiple raw file sizes, lossless compression, sensible menus, refined ergonomics, etc?  Even low end Nikons have those things.  Great sensors. OK bodies, not great, but could live with.  But half done firmware.  They are improving, but very slowly.

Canon is finally back in form and producing full featured MILCs with good controls, ergos, and competitive sensors.  Just not at a price I want to pay, and not with the lenses I want now.  I've used Canon before, and maybe will again.  But not now.

Only Nikon has (most) of the lenses I want, the features I want, the controls and ergos I like, and a price I will pay.

I can't predict the future.  I can assess the present.  And right now Nikon is my choice.

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