Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

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Re: Is Ortery's LiveStudio LED or any constant light good enough?

jlafferty wrote:

Checking out their software my bet is you need some sort of DMX Control for whatever lights you intend to use. They might have even figured out a way to ID the lights and lock you in to using theirs :/

I have a lot of ecomm lighting and production experience where we’ve already got solutions to problems this system purportedly solves in its own way (e.g. matching placement with overlays is a C1 staple).

I’m sure it’s fantastic for anyone doing very simple still life work for a company like Amazon. For 360s it looks great. But for the work I’ve done it’s either total overkill or misses the point of making work that’s not too overlit and repetitive.

Their software controls their lighting. The videos are pretty good, from your PC you can adjust lighting. I think the video said it's wifi based.

While I've taken a bunch of photos, with some nice gear at my job, I'm hiring a pro photographer for this different gig. I'm not sure it's sustainable due to his cost, and his availability.  Also, managing the workflow and marrying edited images with the item for sale is going to be very slow.

Styleshoot's videos make the workflow look way too easy, with automation of mundane tasks. Taking a picture of the SKU tag, is genius. I don't trust their "high CRI" LED light panels with zero specs, their Canon kit lens, and removing the photographer completely from the process.

I'm more or less looking for automation of everything, without compromise in image quality. Maybe I won't find that. I don't need to eliminate the photographer, I'm more or less wanting to make his job more efficient. I may end up being the photographer and I'm ok with this, unless I can find something more reasonable. He prefers I do my own photo editing (in a nice way), willing to teach me light room, I'm a photoshop guy (for a completely different career.

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