Nikon + Samsung?

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Re: Even crazier idea

mamallama wrote:

Do you think their problem is not having the best of everything?

Do you think the public is basing their buying decisions on having the best of everything?

Interesting questions, I assume Nikon's problem is that they don't make the most profit or have the greatest market share.

I think in an ideal world the product that had the best of everything, should be the one that people buy.

Since we don't live in that world, I believe it's more complex than that, for example people might not buy a product manufactured in certain countries no matter how good it is.

So I believe it would help Nikon if their products had the best of anything, but there are also other things they could do to help solve their problems.

Some might believe that a "groundbreaking" new tech might be the the solution, like advanced image processing, or global shutter. Which sounds like a good idea at least, but nobody knows if it would work in practice.

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