Professionals Wanted for Interview for Class Essay

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Re: Professionals Wanted for Interview for Class Essay

I would love to help but here are a few issues to consider.

Most professional photographers, like me, will select a brand or camera system to suit their individual requirements and specializations.  Once they establish a particular system, then build upon the basic body and lens and continuously augment their equipment inventory with compatible additional bodies and lenses,  It is rare that they will use a wide variety of brands and tend to stick with their favourite. Unless the gear becomes obsolete we usually keep it in service until it disintegrates. and replace it gradually with newer models.

Each brand has several modes or lines ranging from higher-end consumer models to so-called professional offerings. The digital single-lens reflex was the mainstay for many years and more recently mirrorless cameras are gaining in popularity. Some of us use more costly medium format digital systems for higher resolution requirements.

Professional photography has many categories, so each generalist or specialist can have widely diverse system requirements. Portrait photographers, commercial shooters, photojournalists, architectural photographers each have specific needs.

As for brands, frankly, it a matter of taste, budget, and service.  As for features, most pros don't need too many bells and whistles and super-automated features. Considerations are the layout of controls, the ergonomics, that's how the camera handles in any given photographer's hands. as for service-  if accessories, parts and service are accessible and reliable in the photographer's local.

Some of us grouchy pros, like me, oftentimes, call newcomers, that are overly preoccupied with the latest and greatest equipment "gear heads"!  OK- it's no nice to make fun of folks, but we tell the new kids to concentrate on thir technique and once they know their stuff, they can create masterpieces with a box camera and a cnadle. A little hyperbole never hurts!

Perhaps, as a technical writer, you may as others have suggested, enquire of folks in the retail or professional supplier's sector and write a piece on the fact the most of the major brands each have very similar models in each price bracket and aspiring professionals should buy a well made, reliable,  and not to the overly featured camer system and concentrate on lighting, composition, artfulness and business skills.

Good luck with your essay!

Ed Shapiro- Commercial and Portrait Photographer. Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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