Why did you print those photos?

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Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 7,547
Prints are a different experience from on-screen viewing

I often make prints simply because I enjoy looking at paper prints as a rather different experience from viewing on screen.  I never (almost never) print larger than A4 because the smaller prints are easier to handle and take up less space.  A few get mounted but most are on display more temporarily and get changed from time to time.

The door of my fridge gets used for whatever photos interest me most at any given time.  It is easy to change them as frequently or as infrequently as I like.  It's also a very convenient place to view them over a cup of coffee.  The photos on my fridge at the moment have all been very heavily processed to convert the colours to pastel shades.  Not exactly typical!

The photos above were all printed on glossy photo paper, but I more often use matt papers, my favourite being Canson Rag Photographique.  It is rather expensive, however, so doesn't get used all the time.

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