Comparing my D7200 with my D610

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Comparing my D7200 with my D610

24 mp each. I've been hiking with the D7200 (one of many cameras I own and it just doesn't get much use as I'm usually shooting with my D850 for work) with my sharpest DX lens on it, a Sigma 17-50.

The screen in back is bright and colorful and the jpegs are punchy as heck. I've shown pics of my hikes on other forums as mostly SOOC jpegs.

Anyway, I started wondering if I would get the same images with my D610/24-85. I thought the D610 might be at a disadvantage as the D7200 doesn't have an AA filter so maybe it would be sharper and more detailed.

SOOC jpegs from both, even though both cameras were set to Vivid (!), revealed washed out lame uninteresting images from the D610, bright punchy images from the D7200. I was wondering about bring both up from raws (I only work with raws for my work images).

But then I wouldn't know unless I did a direct comparison. And...

The D610/24-85 was sharper from corner to corner and, incredibly, even in the center. The 24-85 VR doesn't get much love so I wasn't expecting it to be sharper...but it was. Putting raws from both cameras into Lightroom and matching settings the D610 was the winner. Colors were the same, details were more detailed from the D610 raws. I frankly was surprised. Even with the D7200 having no AA filter the D610 was sharper.

I'm not going to put up pics here because that never ends well. I found out what I was curious about and now you know as well. But I can say that for simple hiking pics that need no processing, the D7200 works just fine.

And the 24-85 VR is better than you've read. Guess now I should compare the 24-85 VR against my Sigma 24-70 OS on my never ends.

edit:  I know everyone's needs are different but here's what I need:  sharp corner to corner at f/10 at ISO 100 or 64.  That's how I shoot for work, usually in bright daylight, sometimes in early morning or blue hour.  You might shoot at f/2.8 all the time and require a fixed aperture lens.

Given how I shoot, it doesn't matter that my 24-85 VR starts at f/3.5 and is variable.  'Cause I'll shoot it at f/10 if my Sig 24-70 fell in a river and I was desperate to complete the shoot.

So it turns out I already did do a comparison between these two lenses on my D850.  There it was on one hard drive, totally forgotten.  The 24-85 VR was almost identical from far left to center to far right as the Sig.  It's true that the Sig was a bit sharper in some areas at certain focal lengths but not by much and I think I concluded that I'd need to shoot with the sharpest lens for work and that's the Sig.  But not by much.

Again, I was surprised, upon further review, how good my copy of the 24-85 VR is.  I have no qualms about using it as a backup to my Sig.

Nikon D610 Nikon D7200 Nikon D850
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