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Re: D850 to ... Z7 - what improved (that mattered)?

thayes15 wrote:

I've had a D850 for a few years now and love it, before that D700 and loved that probably even more in retrospect.

I have a Z6ii rather than Z7 but what I like more than I thought i would is




4. It just seems to focus nicer than the D850. Not faster, just nicer somehow.

5. EVF has some advantages and disadvantages

6. I can adapt my vintage glass with dumb adapters (yeah I know, just me)

7. Very quiet shutter.

8. I did not think I would like the smaller body but when you pick up this camera you realize it's just beautifully engineered. It's a real pleasure to hold.

9. 50mm f 1.8 s lens. Oh dear, what can I say. Beautiful.

10. Did I mention IBIS?

I have a d750 and going to jump into mirrorless, but probably only a Z6 or Z6 II, unless I go with a d850.  I’ve heard very good things about IBIS and as far as EVF, seems like ppl either love it or hate it.  I’m thinking about a little lighter kit(I just retired so older) but not sure how much weight if you use a mirrorless body and DSLR lens, probably not much.

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