9 year old buy help!

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Re: 9 year old buy help!

Guid mornin Andy - I'm intrigued that your grand-daughter took to the D750 and I wonder what it is about that camera that she particularly liked?

If it was the fact that the D750 is a "proper" camera with all the controls up front etc. then your old D200 isn't going to disappoint.  The only drawback is that not only the 200 quite a heavy beast, - 200g more than the D750 - it feels heavy, if you know what I mean.  But it is a "proper" camera... if that's what she wants.

OTOH if what appeals most about the D750 is say the low light performance or the autofocus capabilities, then she'll be frustrated by the D200 and a more modern camera would be more suitable.  And there's no doubt the dinky Nikons are much more child friendly, size wise.

Whatever you do, just don't introduce her to the issue of CCD and CMOS sensors. Not yet anyway...

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