Flash head cable plugs - which ones for each brand

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Re: Flash head cable plugs - which ones for each brand

technics wrote:

Thanks even though that’s something I’m aware of. My question is rather where to get the plugs that is used in Bron and Pro equipment. Are they manufactured by the brands themselves?

It's difficult to tell exactly where these plugs are made. Sometimes there is a manufacturer's trademark, logo, or part number on the plugs. The part number may be that of the plug manufacturer it the manufacture in the head and. or power pack.

In many cases, the manufacturers of the flash gear outsource many of the components and basic design and assemble the units but don't make every part in-house. Sometimes, they may change suppliers during a production run.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacturers  or there authorized repair facilities directly and enquire of them,

I am a commercial photographer, but for 20 years I also partnered in a business that prepared, modified and custom build electronic flash equipment.

Domestically made equipment oftentimes  source their connectors from Amphenol, Cannon or Cynch-Jones, however, the European mad gear can be made by any number of suppliers unknown to me. Sometimes certain domestically made connectors are custom made for the strobe manufacturers and not sold or stocked for general distribution and have to be obtained from the brand's factory. Other times a more or less standard connector is used but someof the pins or terminal are not wired.

If you post a picture of the plugs, I might recognize them. Also- various modes and model-years from each manufacturer may use different parts.

Sorry I can be more specific.

Ed Shapiro- Commercial and Portrait Photographer. Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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