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Re: Even crazier idea

FrancoD wrote:

onlyfreeman wrote:

What if Nikon gets a small loan and buys up Pentax and Olympus, to integrate all the best tech into their own cameras?

Think of the possibilities:

Best IBIS ✓
Best JPEGs ✓
Best style ✓
Best weather sealing ✓
Best features ✓
And much, much more.

Nikon would need to just buy the patents for the above not the companies.

Not really. For a start, I don't think that any of those things is patented, certainly nothing in that list is even patentable, apart maybe the IBIS, but I don't think Olympus has patents protecting anything significant in their IBIS implementation anyway - as is evidenced by all the other manufacturers making similar versions. The alleged superiority of Olympus' IBIS comes down to two things, aggressive advertising and ruthlessly developing to tweak to the CIPA measurements. The other companies could do that too (and Canon's now topped Olympus).

That's not to say that I think his idea is sensible. I don't think Nikon has a load to learn from Pentax and Olympus.

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