How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

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Re: How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

1llusive wrote:

daleeight wrote:

If low light shooting a lot, and using AF, then the z6II wins for being better at acquiring AF.

The girlfriend and I were handheld autofocusing on stars tonight. Ridiculous. I could never do that with DSLRs. The Z 6 could do it, too, but it took longer. Anecdotally, low-light AF was sped up a lot with the extra processing power.

I have to admit at current new prices, if the Z6II were affordable, I'd snap it up in a moment over the Z6 - only because the delta is relatively small. It feels to me Nikon have priced the mk IIs quite aggressively.

Here in the UK, the prices are new Z6ii £2000, new Z6 £1550, like-new used Z6 £1050 from reputable dealer, sale value of used Z6 to reputable dealer ~£700

My first choice would be new Z6ii, but if I didn't care for the upgrade, I'd rather go for a used top-condition Z6 over a new one.

The much harder question is if you already have a Z6. The trade to a Z6ii is a lot, for me not worth it. I'd rather spend any 'spare cash to treat myself' on Z lenses.

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