The Lens That Delivers The Goods

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Re: The Lens That Delivers The Goods

My RF 15-35 and RF24-70 are my core lenses.  Both for me deliver the goods and I use the RF 15-35 indoors maybe more than the RF24-70 but this must vary a lot with what you shoot.

While the RF85mmf1.2 and the RF50mmf1.2 are both amazing in IQ and a little big/heavy.  With 45MP the excellent IS with IBIS do matter even a moderate shooting speeds for real world shooting when hand held.   I love the 45MP image files though many times I may only actally need 20MP or less. Extra pixels provide versatiliity and flexibility in framing and cropping for me when surprises happen.

For me,  I will make due with my existing EF adapted L lenses and some Sigma Art primes.  I have to draw the line somewhere.   The RF100-500 does intrigue me and I get that inner feeling that could one day dry to own that lens after refurbs or instant rebates are available maybe next Christmas or the following year.  For me, the RF100-500 is more want than need.  When you add in the TCs too it becomes for me too much of a major budget killer particularly if you already have the very sharp but heavier EF 100-400 II and TCs. Other new excity opportunities to improve my gear may appear too.

I should keep some powder dry because we have the R1 possibly coming next year too.  The rumored R1 may too big and heavy to suit me for field work but already the rumors of quad pixels focus sound intriguing and awe inspiring.  The practical side of me says the R5 should be all I need for at least a couple of years.  For most of what I do it is the perfect blend of stills and video clips that works with my EF L lens collection and is backed up with the access to amazing RF glass if you need it and are willing to pay for it.

These are exciting times for a Canon shooter like me.

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