What lenses for food photography

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Re: What lenses for food photography

JustUs7 wrote:

AchilleasEmm wrote:

I am in the process of buying RF glass. I have at the moment the 15-35 2.8 and intend to buy by the end of the year the 70-200 and a 50mm.

I am not a pro food photographer. I will do it at my home with some basic setup and lights. I have bought and have crafted a few interesting backgrounds for the photos and want to buy a small strobe but thats it.

If you’re shooting with an R series, you’d be hard pressed to beat the RF 35mm f/1.8 - 0.5 macro. Close focusing. If you have the RP, R6, or R5 you have automatic focus stacking is available. If you have more room to work, look at the RF 85mm f/2 - 0.5 macro. I only say that because you mention being able to set up at home. The 50mm you mention will be good too, but no IS or macro on that lens.

I have an RP and the 35 and 85 and I’m enjoying both. I feel I should add, if you own the 15-35 2.8, which is by all accounts a great lens, what do you feel is lacking with that one?

Absolutely nothing! Its just that i dont like wider than 35 for food photography. Plus i prefer primes for that purpose. My 15-35 is mostly for landscapes and travel and i intend to add a 70-200 for the same reason. I know they are expensive lenses but i have the feeling they worth every penny

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