Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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Re: Best camera for adapted lenses?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I would argue that Sony is not necessarily the best camera for adapted lenses - but it is probably no worse than most. But if you have Sony kit it would be best to stick with Sony.

I agree completely.  In fact, for adapted lens work, camera bodies is usually not as important as the lenses being used.  Nowadays most camera bodies at the same price level are approximately the same.  The only difference is one's preference.

I don’t see that it is absolutely necessary to get the full image circle of a lens on to the sensor it contains. But there is obviously advantages for the wider 135-format lenses. A smaller sensor format gives any adapted lens a bit more telephoto “kick” right out of the camera.

The use of 135mm film lens is mainly for the wide angle shots.  A good 15mm lens would become around 25mm on a APS-C body and 30mm on a M43 body.  On the other hand, for telephoto shots, the M43 would have a significant advantage, and the APS-C size is somewhat in the middle.  The problem is that most MILC makers now put most of there efforts on FF.  What a pity!

Noteworthy for years, and right up to the demise of the dslr as a camera body, many happily used 135-format lenses on aps-c dslr camera bodies. Today there are quite a good number of users happily using Sony NEX (with aps-c) for 135-format lenses - add EF-M, Fuji-X and even good old M4/3.

I have not been using my NEX5, NEX6 and M43 bodies for a long time.  Oh, yes, I have a NEX6 with a Tamron 60/2 micro mounted for studio static shots for my article.

Recently, I gradually move from my A7II (actually I have 2, one with the 2-battery grip and the other without for traveling light) to Nikon Z6/Z7 simply because of the need for wide angle shots and because the slightly shorter flange distance.  Additionally, I can use all of my FF Nikon AFS/AFP wide angle and moderate telephoto lenses.  I got a Nikon Z50 few days ago for Zoom conferencing (webcam).  This is a small and lighter APS-C camera.  Guess I could try some of my super telephoto lenses on it when summer will come 6+ months later.  Will report my finding here.


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