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Re: Upgrade from Eos 40D

1Dx4me wrote:

Hi, i and old owner of a 40D and love that camera. i too my 40D overseas for 5 years to rough environments and served me great. i have taken some of my greatest images with 40D.

one lens that i strongly suggest (to any canon aps-c owner), is canon EF 17-40 f4.0. i know there quite a few nay Sayers, with negative experiences but this lens is a definite gem. to upgrade to more modern dslr, 90D is a sensible choice, IMO, that is what i'd do.

I will look into the EF 17-40 because of the constant aperture of f/4.0, having used the 24-105 L, but zoom range is a bit restricting for me.

i am 70 but i feel great, more like in my 40s i can still hoist my canon big white lenses, without resorting to IS for stabilization. just like you, i have spent lots of time in front of my front yard this past summer until weather turned cold.

i think you are thinking very logically by upgrading to canon 90D because moving to R world, you have to start all over again, could be very expensive. if you like birding, i'd strongly suggest to invest in a canon 100-400 II, and also a TC 1.4x III. the IQ is as good as it gets. i am very happy with that setup. for general use, it is hard to beat the quality of a 24-70mm f2.8 II, if you have the budget for it. if i was to start all over again, those 2 would be the lenses i'd own, period.

I am still not into birding except those that perch on the walls and trees around my lawn. The 100-400 and 24-70 f/2.8 are wonderful lenses, but they are heavy and I do not know how well would I be able to handle their weight.

i hope you'll have fun, if you decide to go with 90D--i am sure the owner of the 90D will have a few things to say about that camera

the best.

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