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Re: 18-135 on k3 mkiii

Mark Ransom wrote:

robbo d wrote:

I am constantly impressed with the 18-135 on my k3 mki

When you nail a shot at the right aperture sweet spot for the focal length and bring all 24mp of non aliasing filter sensor goodness to bear on the image, its a very satisfying result.

It loves f8 out wide but at 135mm the centre sharpness at f5.6 is also staggering.

Strange but wonderful that a lens enjoys stopping back to give you more light at a longer focal length...

Its a fast moving lens and while I do occasionally find the k3 will not lock correctly even though the lens has rocketed into position, the AF let's me down by not quite hitting the mark ( even though my eyes can detect and I realise in time most often)

In hoping that Pentax will 'come good' on their statement to "pay utmost attention to auto focus tracking " and hopefully also general accuracy and speed ....

I'm just imagining how good the new 26mp sensor, new processor and software will render results,not only on the 18-135 but all lenses:

However as a pure 'jack of all things' kit lens, I think it will enhance the Capabilities of the 18-135 even further.

The K-3 III is turning out to be quite a Rorschach test . Since so little is known about it, you can imagine it to be anything you'd like.

The 18-135 is a fine lens, but there's no evidence yet that it will work any better on the K-3 III than any other camera.

Well, we know the k3 mk1 & 2.

We know the 18-135

We know what Pentax have given or promised thus far...

A better body with better image processing and 'improved auto focus' ( regardless by how much)  is likely to yield a better result.

To give us a warmed up k3 would be suicidal and im 100% convinced that the improvements will be sufficient enough to make the 18-135 a stand out.

Yes it is a fine lens but is also limited by current Pentax AF plus is sufficiently good enough optically to be able to deal with the extra 2mp and better processing.

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