What are some of the best monitors?

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Re: What are some of the best monitors?

My normal supplier can't get Eizo, I'm going to have to go BH or somewhere else. It's not a big deal, I just prefer support my local small business when possible.

They recommend this instead: BenQ SW321C

Is Eizo and BenQ very far apart in quality? I'm still leaning toward Eizo, and I'm not in a hurry. Is Eizo's 31" near the end of life product cycle?

How does Dell's U3014 compare against the BenQ? I'm reading a lot of feedback on the search feature, but there isn't a lot of people that have an opportunity to try different options on the high end. So far, I'm reading Eizo is best, followed by NEC which isn't quite as good if you can see both side by side. Still very good, but we're comparing it against a pricier option.

The BenQ has some interesting features, built in card reader? That's a nice back up option in case I forget my dongles somewhere. It's got some mixed reviews, USB-C cable instead of HDMI and Displayport? If so the card reader doesn't work, and doesn't play well with Mac. It has a very interesting menu puck, while all new monitors have poor menu usability. Refresh rate is a little faster, if that even helps with eye fatigue?

Like I said, I'm leaning Eizo due to it's overwhelming positivity in DP review, I just thought I'd ask.

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