Tamron Still Believes in APS-C

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Re: (but) Tamron has been 100% SONY ONLY lately, no other mounts

007peter wrote:

wow, I really want this Tamron 17-70/2.8 zoom lens. However, I'd never seen any new Tamron (in the last 3 yrs)

Actually 6 years

release anything mirrorless lens for M43, EOS-M, or FUJI. When it comes to mirrorless lens, it has been 100% SONY FE only.

I understand there was a rather mediocre superzoom release for EOS-M sometimes ago, it was badly review and no more tamron lens release since then.

The EF-M mount Tamron 18-200mm was released back in 2014.  There was also a Tamron 14-150mm for m4/3 launched in 2014.  Actually, Tamron has not released a crop mirrorless lens for ANY mount since then.

Sony has been dragging its feet with its rather lackluster APS-C e-mount too. If it weren't for Sigma, Viltrox, SamYang, and Tamron keeping it alive, Sony APS-C would have folded long time ago. I love 3rd party lens, but I'm not a fan of Sony A6xxx range finder design.

I hope Tamron would wise up and start releasing lens for other mirrorless platform.

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