Tamron Still Believes in APS-C

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Re: Tamron Still Believes in SONY APS-C

dpeete wrote:

67gtonr wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Like most of the recent Tamron mirrorless lenses, this lens omits optical image stabilization (OIS) and relies solely on in-body image stabilization (IBIS). With no M bodies featuring IBIS, it is extremely unlikely this lens would ever be repackaged in EF-M mount.

Why do you think they will eschew OIS and rely on IBIS? Few Sony APS-C cameras have IBIS.

His statement is incorrect: the lens has "VC", Tamron's name for image stabilization. You can clearly see it in the images.

I stand corrected.  Somehow I missed the VC designation in the jumble of Tamron acronyms.

That doesn't mean we'll ever see it in EF-M land, but I still figured I would share the leak because I believe Tamron has the best shot at closing the zoom gap.

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