Nikon + Samsung?

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I've had the same thought.... however there is a pretty big gaping hole in this thesis. It assumes that Nikon's problem is the sensors it can get. I don't think that is the case at all. Nikon designs and gets phenomenal and competitive sensors.

Nikon faces some universal and unique challenges that are more strategic than technical. The industry is shrinking, so the only way to grow is through market share.... but with everyone's FF MILC systems being pretty mature there's not going to be much brand hopping going forward. Nikon specifically has shot itself in the foot with indiscriminant cost cutting... the market is moving more high end but they have gutted their service program for example while I think other companies have stepped theirs up. They haven't planted a flag in video which is a huge and profitable growth opportunity.

Enthusiasts have this tendency to whittle business success down to spec sheet stuff which just isn't how it works. Yes cameras have to be technically competitive, but Samsung basically put out the perfect APS-C kit and didn't get the response they hoped for. Nikon's cameras are great but obviously they have to do more to stay competitive.

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