How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

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Re: How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

Yunfan wrote:

Hi there,

I am wondering how much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6 and what's your reason behind it?

In the U.S., Z6 body is now on sale for Black Friday at $1600 while the Z6 II stays at $2000. I mainly shoot landscape, portraits but no sports or animals. I also do not care about the dual card slots as I will be using XQD or CFExpress anyway. I might eventually do a little bit of video though. An additional $200-300 seems to be the most I would pay for Z6 II so I am inclining towards the Z6 now. Just wondering what do you all think?

If you need to capture one image out of a burst, then the z6II is much better. More fps is better than less fps... higher buffer count is better too with the z6II...

If low light shooting a lot, and using AF, then the z6II wins for being better at acquiring AF.

Does anyone really need a backup or 2nd card slot to put JPGs on with RAWs on the other? If it can do that? The 2nd card slot costs money to put in the camera, but I don't rate it as more than a small price to pay, despite all the flak Nikon got for only 1 card slot originally. If it was really that big a deal, then why do people even care about the z6 since the z6II has 2 slots? I wouldn't buy a z6II because you don't want to buy a XQD or CFE card, because that is just crazy talk.

Video, I don't care about, but if you like video, then I guess the z6II is better.

To me, more FPS and the chance that I get a better image in a burst from the z6II is worth a lot. Getting better accuracy in focus grabbing and locking in low light is worth a lot. Sometimes those 2 needs cross and in that case it is even more important to have both. To me it is worth $500, but I'm not you or anyone else. Like others, if there is something you need, or just need the latest, then there is no question. It is just when will you have the money to buy what you need.

Canon supposedly has a better camera in the R6, and it has less MPs, and by less, it is a lot less.

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