Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

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Re: Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

Morgs_B wrote:

Ninpou_Bunshinnojutsu wrote:

Play with both the front and rear dials when testing.

You can also reverse them, so perhaps that's why you are not seeing anything happen in A, S, P modes.

HI! I definitely have and just confirmed they indeed do nothing in either direction on A, S or P.

But now the front dial IS changing shutter in M, I swear it didn't before. I've: customize command dials/change main-sub/exposure setting: ON. But there's nothing that applies to shutter or front. Am I going mad?

Btw I'm latest firmware 1.01 and using a manual dumb adapter while I wait for the FTZ to arrive (got the rebate - hurrah!), and don't yet have any Z glass.

In M mode on my Z6, with an FTZ or S lens: Front dial is aperture. Rear dial is shutter speed. (my f5-change main/sub settings are Off.)

I like the f6-Release button to use dial = Yes:

For switching between Auto-ISO and ISO, I had to hold the ISO button and awkwardly turn the front dial with another finger. With this setting to Yes, I just press ISO, then turning the front dial switches back and forth between Auto-ISO to ISO.

Pressing ISO once, then using the rear dial, I can adjust ISO. (But I rarely do this, usually using auto-ISO, or setting a manual ISO via the rear screen.)

But the main advantage is for Exposure compensation. Just press the Exposure comp button, let it go, then use either the front or rear dial to adjust compensation. I can see the results as I click through and pick the best setting. No awkward two-finger operation.

For any of these operations, the ISO or Exposure comp number shows yellow on the display while it's able to be changed via a dial. I just half press the shutter to get out of dial change mode, and the number changes back to white as usual.

Setting with the touch screen

I didn't realize this right away when the Z6 was new.  Any control on the rear display with a white box around it can be changed using a touch of the box.  Including turning on or off the "Touch shutter" which triggers the shutter if I touch into the image -- I never use this, but it could be useful on a tripod.

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