Sony A6000 - Beginners Help Required

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Re: Sony A6000 - Beginners Help Required

Suz_Dellos wrote:


I purchased the Sony A6000 a few months back so I could take pictures of stock for my website.

I am really struggling with using the camera indoors and I can't work out the settings in order to take a good picture. Does anyone have any experience with this camera or can recommend a decent guide to use?

I am really good at using it outdoors on a sunny day, it's only indoors I need help with.

The word "photography" can be translated as "drawing with light". Indoors, there just isn't anywhere near as much light as outdoors, so your camera struggles to get a photo indoors. To take product photos indoors you will need to light them up with artificial light. I'd suggest reading about studio lighting, or lighting for product photography. A good general work on lighting is "Light: Science and Magic".

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