How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

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Re: How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

Varuas wrote:

If Nikon comes out and say that Z6II will get an internal 10bit video update, I will be incentivize to pay the premium.

Same here. I *might* do a bit of video in the future so if the Z6 II has internal 10bit 422 video I would be happy to pay $400 more considering the cheapest camera that has it (Lumix S5) is way behind in photography and autofocus. Even if the Z6 II has no internal 10bit 422 video I would still pay the premium if it has photography improvements such as 5.6M dots EVF or obvious AF improvements at launch.

Unfortunately I highly doubt the Z6 II will get either internal 422 or 10bit through a firmware update. My understanding is that the hardware encoders in Expeed 6 can only do H264 8bit 420 so that adding another processor still wouldn't give you internal 10bit 422. The processor is fast enough to convert the raw output from the sensor to 10bit 422 video, but it has no way to encode the 10bit 422 video to H264/HEVC/ProRes for internal recording. Therefore the best it can do is to feed the video to an external recorder through HDMI and let the external recorder to do the job. This also explains why Nikon never promised internal 10bit 422 on Z6 II through firmware updates even though saying so would lead to a huge boost in Z6 II sales.

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