How to: Unlocking Classic Negative/Bleach Bypass for pre-X-T4 cameras in Capture One

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How to: Unlocking Classic Negative/Bleach Bypass for pre-X-T4 cameras in Capture One

Film simulations are one of the reasons many of us went with Fuji in the first place. Some have been wondering when will Fuji implement the newer film simulations such as Classic Negative / Bleach Bypass in its older camera models, if at all. Although not officially implemented within the camera, X-T3 owners can already access Classic Negative in the Capture One raw converter.

As you may suspect, the Capture One film simulations for Fuji cameras are made in house by the C1 team, with some input from Fuji. In practice this means the sims are virtually indistinguishable from Fuji JPEGs. What this also means, is that the Capture One film sims are essentially profiles, which are locked to particular camera models.

A selectable Fuji film simulation within Capture One

Now, I'm pretty sure many of you already know about this, but for those who don't:

by changing the camera model in an image EXIF, you can access those profiles.

The process is fairly simple: Get yourself a free EXIF editor that can edit RAF files (Not many do) like ExifTool and for ease of use, get also the ExifToolGUI .

Once you read the installation instructions and get everything running select the image you wish to modify, click on the camera name, rename it, hit enter and finally save. When working with multiple files, select all and change the EXIF on one file. The change will be applied to all.

At this point your camera will be recognized as an X-T4 (or any other model you type in) and you can proceed to import the file into Capture one. If you're using Fuji lenses, I recommend selecting "Manufacturer profile" within Lens correction.

All done! You can apply Classic Negative/Bleach Bypass to your file.

Here are some examples of processed files I took with an X-H1:

Classic Negative

Bleach Bypass

While at it, I also took the liberty to compare the Capture One film sims, as many have reported, Fuji changes their JPEG color science every time a new sensor hits the market.

To do so I've applied the same film simulation to two variants of the same file: One with an X-T4 EXIF and one with an X-H1 EXIF. The same settings were applied across all pictures. Also note that noise reduction was kept at a minimum.

X-H1 Classic Chrome

"X-T4" Classic Chrome

X-H1 Provia

"X-T4" Provia

X-H1 Astia

"X-T4" Astia

In conclusion, I have found both Classic Chrome files to be identical, while Provia and Astia files have quite different looks.

Hope this small guide helps some of you.


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