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And the world will quickly change to a new paradigm with both DSLRs and ML being a dead end. ML technology is not as good as DSLRs in many ways - just different.

And let's remember that the world WAS using mirrorless before SLR's came along. Twin-lens reflex, rangefinders - no mirrors there. Adding the mirror created new issues, but solved important ones of the day. I've still got a Yashicamat 124g, a Contax rangefinder and my Dad's old Stereo Realist. (And, I might note, a few rolls of undeveloped film from an Alaska trip in 2006. Not even sure where to get film developed anymore.)

Interesting thread. I have a bunch of gear, including the D850 + the 24/1.8G. It's been my main choice for landscape and is okay, but the lens is soft on the edges. I was thinking about going with a Z body, and maybe the 24/1.8S because of the larger flange and shorter flange to sensor distance can result in sharper wide angle lenses. But reading reviews tells me the S isn't all that much better than the G. Plus, it would cost about $4K to do that. A definite non starter. But in that class of lenses, the Zeiss 25/1.4 Milvus is far and away better than the S, G or indeed anything else by any maker. It was also just over $2K, so less expensive than the other option.

I think that's where part of Nikon's blunder comes in. I'm just not buying a complete new set of lenses to change to any system. Nikon particularly but also Sony or Canon.  Most definitely when there are f mount options such as Zeiss, Sigma Art that will get you close enough, equal to, or better than S.  I'm also not using the FTZ to adapt lenses either. Or any adapter really.  From my point of view, they should have stuck with f mount or at least made an f mount version.  Except for gearheads, I'm doubting that many people make their choice of system based on a wider mount.  Big gamble to assume enough Nikon DSLR owners were going to drop their existing system of lenses and buy over, and that with a limited selection.

So, for my uses, the Z makes no sense. My D500 and D850 with either the 500/4FL or PF are great for wildlife, I have the old AF-S 300/4D as well. Not interested in video, if I was, like another poster says, I'd get a video camera. My Sony RX100 Mk V is good enough for now. My other G primes are okay for my needs, too, so I think I'm done for now.

BTW, I also have the 124 G Mat, which was about $130 when I bought it so many years ago. Also a Mamiya C330, which is built like a tank. Fun!

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