Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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Re: Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

Not me. At distances and screen sizes i use it's hard to see a difference in a 4k screen let alone 8k, meaning i doubt i will ever get an 8k screen. Ever. It's true that oversampling native video provides a better final product but 4k --> 1080p already does that to a great degree, im not sure how much better 8k --> 1080p would do.

My LG phone can record 8k and i never use it, if my ILC could i still wouldn't use it. Too much work for very little difference over 4k. If i was a pro and needed every tool in the box i would, even if just for panning purposes and such, but for a hobby by an enthusiast it's of very limited use.

The only thing i can think of that would be of use is for cropping for "reach", but then in the end im still not using 8k, im simply taking advantage of higher rez video to crop.

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