FZ300 vs FZ1000 for canoe trips

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FZ300 vs FZ1000 for canoe trips

Hi folks, I'm stuck deciding between the two cameras. I have the FZ1000 in hand but I'm not real happy with how bulky it is and I'm thinking the FZ300's weather/dust sealing might be a good idea for photography from a canoe. It's of course a choice between the two sensors. I chose the FZ1000 for the 1" sensor but maybe the lighter, smaller FZ300 may handle easier for quick snaps and the longer reach and constant f2.8 lens of the FZ300 will be worth the trade-off of a smaller sensor. I know weather-sealing is not the same as waterproof and won't save the camera if dunked!

I have about a week to decide whether to return the FZ1000 and getting the FZ300.

Please note I have a Panasonic G9 with a couple nice lenses for more serious pics, the new camera is to replace an old FZ30 that I've used for over 12 years for quick snaps. I use the G9 while out on the water, but thinking about dunking $2500 bucks into the drink gives me headaches! I want a camera that will still take decent pictures of wildlife while on the water and will resist the occasional drips from the paddle and light rain but won't jeopardize my best camera if some accident. However I still want good results, I come across many great photo opportunities while out paddling!

I used the FZ30 in all kinds of weather and trips from snowboarding, mountain biking, and in the canoe and it held up well until the swivel back display finally died. I really liked that cameras feel and the fact that the lens did not extend for telephoto, of course the pictures were only good for small prints! I bought the FZ1000 for the 1" sensor and having had good luck with FZ30 in almost all conditions didn't think too much about sealing, but the camera is much bigger than the FZ30 and G9 has opened my eyes to how comforting the weather sealing is for protection.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on a new camera (spouse is already giving me looks) and these cameras are currently $400 and $500 respectively so as replacements not to hard on the wallet. Can't have both and don't really want two.

The other question is the noise the FZ1000 makes. Does the FZ300 lens magnets make as much noise? My new FZ1000 is very noisy from the moment I turn it on and does not change when I turn off the OIS. Maybe I got a poor copy? Just not real happy with the camera.

So, I'm hoping someone with hands-on experience with both cameras can give me some feedback on using the FZ300 vs the 1000 out in the field. I live in a small mountain village in British Columbia so no decent camera stores nearby to handle different cameras, have to buy over the net. Shipping is a pain also, and the savings on the FZ300 will be eaten up sending the FZ1000 back so want to make a good decision.

I've read all the posts and looked at the specs, but hands on use is always best, and I've not seen any info about the FZ300 making noise compared to the FZ1000.

Please, please, please, let's keep this about these two cameras. I want to stay with the Panasonic platform for ease of use with my G9. I also have a GoPro for really wet conditions but it's not for wildlife.

Thanks for any help.

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