Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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Re: Best camera for adapted lenses?

I would argue that Sony is not necessarily the best camera for adapted lenses - but it is probably no worse than most.  But if you have Sony kit it would be best to stick with Sony.

I don’t see that it is absolutely necessary to get the full image circle of a lens on to the sensor it contains. But there is obviously advantages for the wider 135-format lenses.  A smaller sensor format gives any adapted lens a bit more telephoto “kick” right out of the camera.

For many years I used Canon dslr bodies (aps-c and FF) interchangeably for amateur theatre ssessions.  Afterwards I genuinely had some trouble working out which camera took which image the only really obvious  clue being the size of the raw file. EXIF of course told the full story, but as far as image quality was concerned I regarded it a toss-up and I think that was why aps-c dslr camera bodies have remained popular right up to the present day.

Noteworthy for years, and right up to the demise of the dslr as a camera body, many happily used 135-format lenses on aps-c dslr camera bodies.  Today there are quite a good number of users happily using Sony NEX (with aps-c) for 135-format lenses - add EF-M, Fuji-X and even good old M4/3.

”FF” has become popular to the point of even being “fashionable” and as the saying goes “Nobody got fired for recommending IBM”.

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