Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Re: Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Lightroom Classic (and other similar editors work), you do need the original, and there's really no point usually to keep long-term the JPG created from the edited original.

I'm not sure if i understood correctly, so you rely on LR to save your edits to save 5MB diskspace per JPG?

No. This isn't really about disk space. I rely on Lightroom Classic to save my edits because that's where my organization is. If I want to find photos from my trip to Chicago, I find them in Lightroom Classic. I don't want to have to find a JPG in some folder organization.

And its also about effort and my time. Why would I want to export all of my photos to JPG, just to save the edits? That takes effort and time that I don't care to spend, when I only need a few of them as JPG.

To add to this, in case the OP isn't aware, Lr Classic only saves the instructions on how an original is to be edited and adjusted, not a file itself. So all those exposure and  color changes, crops, etc are stored as parameters in a database. Not as separate files. I have maybe 4 or 5 versions of the same original depending on what I'm going to do with it, and yet I only have the original photo, not 4-5 jpegs or tiffs. That's non destructive ediing.

And it does mean less stuff to keep track of. To me that's more important than the disk space; I can look at one original and deal with it's BW, print, and Flickr variants in one place.

What if your LR catalog gets corrupted?

That's why you make regular and automated backups. No different than if you save JPGs, you lose them if something bad happens to your hard disk, unless you have backups.

What if your JPEGs get corrupted? it's easier to backup the Lr Catalog than a bunch of jpegs. And not only that, but a database saves changes as they're made.

And in addition Lr Classic can even manage some images you DO export via publishing services. I can change any of the images I've already exported to Flickr from right within Lr, and the changes get sent to Flickr. Or say a bunch of JPEGs I exported to a family member's thumb drive he uses with his photo frame.

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