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Re: Blue Light Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

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I got my new computer screen glasses prescription today and I was asked if I wanted to pay extra for that type of coating. I don’t know anything about this coating and I’m not sure if is a gimmick. Is it not and should I get that on my glasses? Do any of you have it?

What they did told me is that the glasses do have some kind of “purple looking tint” and as soon as they said that I told them I would get back to them on that because if I’m PP photos in Lightroom how is that purple looking tint going to affect my workflow? Am I going to run into issues because I’ll be seeing weird colors on the monitor??

Will appreciate more info from folks that have or are using these type of coating.

Some blue-light filtering lenses are just mild amber tints that will affect your edit vision. Some more expensive lenses use a more sophisticated wave-lenth cut off filter that I believe does look purple-tinted when viewed at certain angles.

There is some evidence that late night staring into the blue light from typical daylight balanced LEDs delays melatonin production and thus can throw off a person's sleep cycle.

Claims that LED screens cause any kind of actual eye damage have not been verified by any real data.

If I don't work at photos I have my night mode windows 10 offers set ON. This reduces blue light and gives the view a yellowish touch.

The problem of blue light seems not to be a destruction of eyes but missadjustment of your inner watch. The bright light with lots of blue parts tells your body that it is something around noon. If you get this signal in the evening you will run into problems with your sleep. For this reason it is useful to adjust colour of your screen towards more sunset related spectrum.

However, damage of eyes by blue light is under discussion.

Here is a paper that says there is no risk at all:

Being a Nature article it has high scientific impact.

Other scientist found some problems that are caused by blue light.

The last of these papers also has some rating of techniques to reduce the effect of blue light one eyes.

If you know that you can sanitize for bacteria by illumination with blue LED we get a little insight that there could be a problem also for human eyes.

Cells under stress of blue light produce free radicals with high oxidative power. You may protect yourself by food with high antioxidant capacity or even dieatry supplements.

The power of light is reduced by the square of distance. For this reason I see problems especially with light sources that are close to the eye. You may guess what I am thinking about ...

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