X100V - anyone else finding the touch screen totally unreliable???

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Re: X100V - anyone else finding the touch screen totally unreliable???

The touch screen behaviour is just perfect with my X-T30. I have never had an issue with it. I use swipe functions quite often, for example to change film simulation and white balance. I've almost always gotten what I've asked for with a swipe or a touch and double tap and so on (I've had X-T30 more than a year now).

But couple of months ago I invested in X100V and at first I thought the double tap has just been done somehow worse than it is in X-T30. But seems that all the touch gestures are a bit unresponsive/irrational. Today the damn screen started to do things of its own. Shutter firing here and there. Touching on the "AF/AREA/SHOT" selector gave me random swipe gestures and so on... I thought I take camera to service which scared the camera enough so that it started to behave a bit better.

Have to investigate a bit further into the screen protector if it has something to do with it. I have a thin matte film on screen. However it shouldn't have an effect, I've used same film on any touch screens with no problems before (including the X-T30).

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