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T O Shooter wrote:

And the world will quickly change to a new paradigm with both DSLRs and ML being a dead end. ML technology is not as good as DSLRs in many ways - just different.

And let's remember that the world WAS using mirrorless before SLR's came along. Twin-lens reflex, rangefinders - no mirrors there. Adding the mirror created new issues, but solved important ones of the day. I've still got a Yashicamat 124g, a Contax rangefinder and my Dad's old Stereo Realist. (And, I might note, a few rolls of undeveloped film from an Alaska trip in 2006. Not even sure where to get film developed anymore.)

Interesting thread.  I have a bunch of gear, including the D850 + the 24/1.8G.  It's been my main choice for landscape and is okay, but the lens is soft on the edges.  I was thinking about going with a Z body, and maybe the 24/1.8S because of the larger flange and shorter flange to sensor distance can result in sharper wide angle lenses.  But reading reviews tells me the S isn't all that much better than the G.  Plus, it would cost about $4K to do that.  A definite non starter.  But in that class of lenses, the Zeiss 25/1.4 Milvus is far and away better than the S, G or indeed anything else by any maker.  It was also just over $2K, so less expensive than the other option.

So, for my uses, the Z makes no sense.  My D500 and D850 with either the 500/4FL or PF are great for wildlife, I have the old AF-S 300/4D as well.  Not interested in video, if I was, like another poster says, I'd get a video camera.  My Sony RX100 Mk V is good enough for now.  My other G primes are okay for my needs, too, so I think I'm done for now.

BTW, I also have the 124 G Mat, which was about $130 when I bought it so many years ago.  Also a Mamiya C330, which is built like a tank.  Fun!

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