What lenses for food photography

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Re: What lenses for food photography

AchilleasEmm wrote:

Good evening

I want to get into some amateur food photography. I will mostly shoot for a blog I intend to start around recipes , which i want to accompany with a nice photo of the particular dish.

After searching a little bit almost everyone recommends a macro, a 50mm and a 35mm. The latter two I will definetely buy as soon as they become available in my country. I don't know if I should buy a macro lens though. I know it is mostly used for a tighter crop on flat lays and a flattering 45 degree photo.

Considering that i will not use it professionally just for my personal usage is a macro needed? I would love to hear your opinions.

A conventional prime lens can probably frame a subject about the size of a coffee mug. If you want to frame subjects smaller than that, you would likely need macro.

If you are standing above the subject on a tabletop, you're probably too close to use focal lengths longer than 35mm or 50mm or you would have to stand on something. That's probably why someone suggested the shorter focal lengths. You can barely fit a dinner plate in frame at 50mm in FF pointing down from eye-level.

if you aren't trying to be creative with shallow dof, I'd start with a kit zoom. That would have the range of focal lengths to work with and have reasonable magnification. You just won't get the shallow dof.

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