Photographing with Higher MP bodies

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Re: Photographing with Higher MP bodies

first off, yes there are more restriction when using a high MP sensor equipped camera if you want to get the most out of it , but that had been the case since film days and won't likely change any time soon , you learn to love your tripod, you learn to love slow lens , you learn not always try to open up the aperture and you learn  to love F/8.0, you learn to lve the lens hood ALWAYS, you learn to ............ well ........... the motto is while the sensor ( or the film ) give you the utmost in quality , it also amplify any of your carelessness and any fault incurred.

ut for the part, PRINTING ... oh printing .. so much myth about it , I print large myself , A2 / A3 is the start of it all and goes all the way up to B0 and more , for a start , large print do not always require a high MP count image , I've been printing large since the less than 10MP days and while I would agree high MP capture do provide usually more to play with its also meaning a more demanding and well executed work flow. If you are just thinking about printing large but not actually printing it yourself , then think about the preparation and the capture, you want the white balance as spot on as possible. You want to ask your printer what kind of file format and file size / resolution they would need or preferred for the job. You want to also be light handed on the processing , all of them. If on the other hand you are looking at printing yourself, I direct you to the Printers and Printing section on this forum instead.

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