Lenstip missing.

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Re: Lenstip missing.

Hugh Barstead wrote:

I just texted my friend, and he gets the same “server not found” message. He’s not a camera guy and has never been to that site before. Nor does he use the same ISP as I do.
Maybe a regional failure? Is anyone out there from western Canada? Can you reach Lenstip? This has been going on for 3 days now.

If he's never been there before, does that mean you gave him the URL? Perhaps you are using the wrong URL.

I get to Lenstip at https://www.lenstip.com/. (I just copied this address out of the address bar of Chrome, while it was displaying the site's home page that I found by googling.)

If that is not the problem, do you and your friend use the same Domain Name Server (DNS)? If so, see if you ca use an alternate one.

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