Where's the 50 S 1.8? (wannabe S1 user here)

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Re: Where's the 50 S 1.8? (wannabe S1 user here)

How are people liking the 85? If it's great, then I would be confident that the 50 would be similar.

Probably some of the least biased reviews of Panasonic Cameras are by Richard Wong, and he has a pretty good review of the 85mm f/1.8

I will link to his review below. But before that, as somone who uses his Pansonic S1 for both stills AND video professionally, just a few quick observations:

The panasonic Lumix lenses are DESIGNED to be use for both stills AND video. Meaning that their zoom lenses are close to being parfocal, and they exhibit minimal focus breathing. Both are real important to video shooters, but less so for people who purely shoot stills.

Another nice thing about the Panasonic lenses is that even though they are focus by wire, you can set them to have a linear focus response. Not everyone needs this, but if you like to use manual focus for focus pulls, then this is REALLY helpful to nail your focus pulls.

Also, while Panasonic Autofocus is not great, it does have a really, really beautiful ease in and ease out quality. In case you don't know what this means, is that as the lens changes focus, as it is about to reach the new focus point, it slows down so that it gradually comes to a stop (as opposed to stopping abruptly).

All this stuff comes at a price, so that is why Panasonic lenses tend to be priced on the high end (compared to DSLR lenses) and slightly higher priced than most other Mirrorless lenses.

Now, on to Richard's review of the 85mm f/1.8:


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