Nikon Z Cameras operating environment temperatures

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Re: Nikon Z Cameras operating environment temperatures

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

Going INTO the cold environment from a warm environment is not the issue (only thing that is worth thinking about is the change in focus that will occur as the lens acclimates to the colder environment, make sure you check focus often if there is a large change in temperature from when you start to when you finish). The condensation issue you have to worry about is going from a cold environment to a warm environment rapidly, condensation can and will form in the lens and the camera, you need to put your camera/lens in a ziplock bag prior to bring it back into a warm environment that way the condensation forms on the inside of the bag and not the lens/camera.

This is outside my area of expertise.  I definitely agree with the problem of coming in from the cold.  However, I do not see why the opposite - going out into the cold - might cause a condensation problem.

The camera will start out full of warm, hot air.  If that air is not quickly exchanged with cool dry air, then it will cool down inside the camera.  When it cools, the moisture it contains will condense out.  If it's still inside the camera, the condensation will also be inside the camera.

I've twice had cameras suffer momentary brain freeze under such conditions.  Once, with the D50 mentioned above. The second was an RX100 that I took out as I summited a high mountain.  The air temp dropped about 20 degrees as I ascended above the treeline to the windy summit.  The camera lost its brains and the SD card got corrupted.  Darn!  It was a great view up there!

Recently I had my 16-80mm suffer temporary disfunction on a rainy day as the temperature dropped.  It recovered fully when warmed up in the sun the next morning.

A bunch of anecdotes is not proof, I know.

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