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What the spectrum of monitors really looks like

sludge21017 wrote:

There is a big difference with windows blue light filter and the lenses. It's not the same visual effect. I still use the blue light blocker at night.

Well to be specific about my lenses and their technology used -read here and see if your company compares:

Everything to Know About Blue Light and Crizal Prevencia | CovalentCareers

And they confirm - not the same a windows blue light.

This link is possibly misleading. They show LED light with a spectrum of

Which is representative of 5000K LED bulbs. But LED bulbs aren't screens. This is how my NEC PA241W monitor measured (when displaying pure white):

There is a lot of hand waving about light qualities without measurements to back up the claims. Making spectrometer measurements isn't that difficult or expensive.

Costs about the price of a halfway decent lens.

[Edit.  I did the measurement of my PA241W several years ago.  I set up ColorMeter just now and remeasured.  The PA241W looked about the same.  But the PA241W is an exotic wide-gamut monitor with internal calibration hardware.  I measured several non-exotic monitors and they *did* have a prominent peak in the blue.  So maybe it is only exotic wide-gamut monitors that don't have blue spikes.

But it is still valuable to be able to measure spectrums.]


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