Nikon Z Cameras operating environment temperatures

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Re: Nikon Z Cameras operating environment temperatures

dj_paige wrote:

At the Nikon web site, I found that the Z 5, Z 6 and Z 6ii technical specifications list the operating temperature at 32 to 104 def F. As I live in Buffalo, NY, this would imply that I wouldn't be able to use the camera half of the winter.

Has anyone used one of these cameras in sub-freezing temps? Does it seem to operate normally?

I have the Z50 that has the same specs and it works fine much colder and hotter.

All the Nikons seem to have those temp specs.  Even the D6.

I'm an electronics design engineer (design computer chips).  Temp specs like these generally mean that all the specification listed will be met over these temperatures for every unit shipped.  These specs are generally conservative.  For example:

  • Most units shipped will outperform the specs.
  • The units generally work acceptably well outside the temperature range, even if there are exceptions to the specifications.  For example, battery life will be less at cold temperatures.  High speed operations may lead to overheating at higher temperatures.
  • Also, engineers don't tend to spec things that they don't test.  I often get customer questions like "what will happen if I operate your chip at 150C even though it's spec'ed for 125C".  I say, it will almost certainly work fine, but we don't test it so we can't guarantee it.   Probably the same here.
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