Where's the 50 S 1.8? (wannabe S1 user here)

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Re: Where's the 50 S 1.8? (wannabe S1 user here)

Jamajuel wrote:

crashwins wrote:

I'm a 50mm aficionado and with the Covid work/shooting slowdown this is the right time to try out some new gear. I have been wanting a system where I can consolidate an awesome stills machine with quality video (I don't need a cine-rig or anything) as video or more an interest than anything I get paid to do yet. All said, I don't want to shell out $2-3K for a dedicated rig.

Not as excited by Canon or the Nikon Z. But, 50mm is my primary focal length for stills work. I am super intrigued by the 50 S Pro lens, but also VERY curious of the new 50 1.8. I will often stop down to F2 with 50s so it might cut the mustard for me

Anyway, with the AF updates I'm confident I will be in love with this system. Also really intrigued by the Lumix color coming from Nikon and Sony, the latter of which I didn't ever like. Thanks!

Given that the 85mm is shipping now, let’s hope that the rest of the lineup will follow in Q1 and Q2 next year...

How are people liking the 85? If it's great, then I would be confident that the 50 would be similar.

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