Leica QP... $3250 a reasonable deal?

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Re: Leica QP... $3250 a reasonable deal?

Foskito wrote:


the Q-P new was $5000 (plus tax). I haven't seen any used Q2 for less than $4250-4500...

Your call... If I was ready to spend almost $3300 on a used camera I would really think hard myself if that is what I wanted or if i was trying to get something in the interim.

You wont get back your $3300 if you sell this used camera again used... You are like $1700 away from a new Q2 and maybe double that if you go back later to sell the QP.

If you want the QP and you will be happy that is all that matters. Just saying there are many ways to spend $3300 (whatever) weigh the options and only you know what your plans are to make every dollar work in your favor.

If it is not for you say no and move on, another reason why I prefer never to do business with family or friends can make things awkward if you decide to pull out and that person has already counted that $3300 in their pocket. Money is money and do what is right for you with no loyalty.. Still I would always be careful how far I proceed in negotiations.  You should not feel trapped or obligated.  Again if you are golden with the deal do it.

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