I have 50 mm 1.8 and need to buy a 40 mm micro Nikon d3100 body I have

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Re: I have 50 mm 1.8 and need to buy a 40 mm micro Nikon d3100 body I have

Sohail Gagai wrote:

I have d3100 and have 50 mm 1.8 for potrait photos now my customer demand close ups so after research I found 40 mm 2.8 should I buy this or not will I get close to subject as compare to my owned 50 mm 1.8 pls guide Thankyou soo much.

How close does the customer demand you get? And this is for a portrait?

Usually you don't want to get physically close to your subject for a portrait, because it can cause perspective distortion: for example, the nose can look really large and ears tiny. One rule of thumb for portraiture is that you ought to stand about 10 to 15 feet from your subject to avoid perspective distortion.

If indeed you want to only capture a small part of the subject's body, like the face for example, then it is standard practice to use a longer focal length, while still standing far from your subject. So I'd recommend something like 135 mm or 200 mm focal length; many portrait photographers use a zoom lens for this purpose, because it is flexible; you might like a zoom range of 50 - 135 mm.

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