Leica QP... $3250 a reasonable deal?

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Re: Leica QP... $3250 a reasonable deal?

Foskito wrote:

Hello guys,

A friend of a friend is selling his absolutely in like new condition Q-P so he can upgrade to a Hasselblad 907X. He is asking $3250 USD.

I might consider selling my M9-P to get this one, (the M is too slow to take pictures of my dogs).

I wonder what do you think, if it is a good deal at that price? I would keep it for the years to come.


I would be practical in my thought process. For $1500 or so more you can have a new Leica Q2 ??

A used camera is a used camera as much as if you bought a new car today, tomorrow it is used and you will never get what you paid for it back.

I know the QP is discontinued. On a high level a 1-1 private sale will yield more money to the seller. What I do not know is how much did the QP sell for when it was new?

Based on that a camera store wants to sell it for 70% of what it was. I know the Q2 is $5000 new and they will pay maybe $3500 for it and want to sell it for like 25% or so more for profit like $4200.


I tend not to do business with family or friends. If anything happens it will strain or ruin the relationship.

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