Professionals Wanted for Interview for Class Essay

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Re: Professionals Wanted for Interview for Class Essay

I don't have time to interview, but I have used all those cameras and I will say this:

I like the reliability of Nikon, I presume that I'm getting the best state of the art technology. I do think that their cameras are lacking a little bit, for professional use, in particular, when I am shooting fast and furiously, and back in the film days when I would pass one Nikon off to my assistant for reloading, and was handed another, I find that my hands would sometimes turn the shutter speed / exposure dials inadvertently.

This still happens to me with Nikon digital, happened yesterday, I was crawling around on the floor, putting the camera down sometimes, picking it up, I noticed that my shutter speed had slipped from 125th to 160th of a second.

I'm using a D610.

Canon fits my hands better, I can say that.

When Pentax (oops, I'm thinking of Olympus, but perhaps it applies), first appeared on the pro scene, they looked so small and flimsy, but very quickly they showed their worth. Small, light, and reliable.

That's my 2 cents worth, in two seconds, anyway.

Good luck!

MikeyBugs95 wrote:

I'm writing a paper for a technical writing class and I need to do a quick interview with some professional photographers. I'm comparing Canon, Nikon, and Pentax and I need your opinions about the similarities, differences, pros, and cons between each. Thank you.

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